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Thu, 29 Feb 2024

rules of hotel and circumstances of booking from net

Rules of canceling the reservation of rooms:
  • Expense of canceling, changing the date of reservation and changing the names from the exact date of opening of voucher up to 18:00 o’ clock of the day before entering, is 15% of the whole expense of a night based on the number of reserved rooms, and from that time on it is the expense of a whole night based on the reserved rooms.
  • If the reservation is canceled by the Hotel itself, the whole expense received from guests will be paid back completely.
  • The hotel will maintain the room vacant, only in the mentioned entry date in voucher and it will be canceled if guests do not come and no price will be paid back.
  • If guests pay the expense of just one night it will be valid only up to 2:00 o’clock of next day of the reservation.
  • In the case that price of rooms and requested application changes after reserving them, guests are due to pay the rest expenses of rooms and other application.
  • The time of entry is not considered and the time of check in is before 12 o’clock and check out is after 14.
  • Reservation done through internet and spread prices is just related to Iranian guests and not to foreign ones.